Erna Furman (1926-2002)


The Story of Unknown Youth of Prof. Erna Furman, Prominent Child Psychoanalyst, Friedl Dicker-Brandeisís Student and Survivor of Terezin Concentration Camp

Erna Furman / Elena Makarova
Ways of Growing Up + cd-rom / 224 pp.
Veenman Publishers, Rotterdam , 2007, paperback

ISBN: 978-90-902207-6-5

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Survivor’s life consists of splinters, family integrity broken; the survivors are looking for a new balance in their life “afterwards.” This is another, rarely observed, side of the Holocaust: those who survived are in a constant search of integrity. After Erna had lost her family paradise destroyed by the anti-Jewish genocide, she was strong enough to find a new stability: in her American husband, children and arduous but rewarding work at Cleveland Hanna Perkins Child Care Center. Eventually Erna Furman became an outstanding figure in child’s psychoanalysis and child’s and parent’s psychotherapy in critical situations. Her list of publications includes a number of articles and books; she has served as President of the International Association of Child Psychoanalysis and received highest appreciation and awards for her work.

CD supplied with the book contains a short documentary about Erna Furman’s visit to Friedl Dicker-Brandeis’s exhibit in Atlanta not long before the Mrs. Furman’s death of cancer in 2002 in Cleveland, Ohio .

Elena Makarova, co-author and composer of the book, interviewer of Prof. Erna Furman and director of the documentary film is an Israeli researcher, author, exhibit curator and art-therapist residing in Jerusalem.

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