Story by Elena Makarova

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El Paradiso in Jerusalem

Beda would sometimes muse, with an ironical smile, about an exhibit in Gallery “El Paradiso”. “There one doesn’t need anything, neither invitations, nor critics, nor opening speeches.” Once I told him: “Since you’re still alive, you’ll have an exhibit here! I am responsible only for earthly paradises.” Beda’s exhibition “Masked Ball in Heaven” opened at Jerusalem Theater in December 1999 and lasted until mid-January 2000. Together with Beda, we crossed into a new millennium. With a walking stick, clad in an elegant suit and with an exotic neckerchief, he appeared in front of the public: “Great thanks first to my wife Hanna who does everything so that I can paint in my atelier, hm-m, atelier is perhaps too strong a word. In my atelier I behave outrageously… but only with colors. Sometimes Hanna reprimands me for staining my clothes. I thought that the exposition would take place in Gallery “El Paradiso” but Lena came and said we should first try Jerusalem. Then I asked my jesters and dolls who are sitting 20 years locked in the closet, do they want to get out to the fresh air for a while? They said yes, so we came here, and I’ll be happy if they please you. Jesters go and see the people! Thank you, Hanna and Lena.” At the exhibition there were too many people. Beda was happy. Everybody approached him, congratulated, greeted him with kind words. Beda was especially delighted to see a suntanned man with a fluffy beard and bright blue eyes. They embraced, and I saw tears in Beda’s eyes. It was Shlomo, the son of Fritz Haendel. A remarkable face, luminous eyes, soft smile. I was curious, where were his father’s works? Mainly at his house, Shlomo said, and he would show them to me with pleasure.


      Boarding Pass to Paradise. Artists Peretz Beda Mayer and Fritz Haendel.  © Elena Makarova, 2005. For Contacts: Elena Makarova